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New Life Church's

Pastor Larry Evans

Pastor Larry Evans had 22 years of ministry experience as a youth pastor, deacon, worship leader and assistant pastor before founding New Life Church. He felt that God was calling him to this ministry.

He has ministered in many diverse rolls as he's followed God's call on his life. He's always been involved in ministry from his youth, doing his best to follow God's plan for his life. One thing that's always been important to him is that believers get taught from the Bible to be able to defend and live their faith - discipleship. He's always been devoted to following God's Word and has always done his very best to be the minister God called him to be.

What people in New Life Church say about him:

"He'll admit he's wrong if he's made a mistake."
"He's not quick to jump to conclusions."
"He's willing to go the extra mile to help someone."